No two losses are alike.  We can experience grief as a result of death, when a relationship ends, a job is over, our children leave the home, a pet dies.  Here at the New Orleans Grief Center, we treat each client individually, working to meet their personalized goals.

We know that grief is a process.  Whether your loss was recent or in years past, working through the emotions is an essential part of healing and living a full life again.

People suffering a loss need a safe place to work through the complicated emotions that come with it.  Avoiding this part of the process can lead to disconnection and hinder us from living our fullest life.

The New Orleans Grief Center is where you can begin to put the pieces back together and heal. We provide both individual and group counseling in a safe and supportive environment.

I just want somewhere to put my grief.”  I was imagining a vessel for it: a long, shallow wooden bowl, irregularly shaped.  I had the sense that if I could chant, or rend my clothes or tear my hair, I could, in effect, create that vessel in the world.'”

Meghan O’Rourke
The Long Goodbye