Every single loss in our lives is an individual experience worth examining and honoring.  And, like most things in life, it’s complicated.”

Rebecca Soffet
Co-founder of Modern Loss

You are the expert on your life.  Counselors are here to assist you in reaching your goals through empowerment and providing you with the assistance you need to live your best life.  We do this through developing a relationship that is based on trust and respect for you, the individual.

It is through building a therapeutic relationship that healing can happen.  Initially, meetings may be more frequent to establish rapport and understand your concerns.  Moving forward, you and the counselor will determine the number and frequency of sessions.

Therapeutic Grief Support groups are designed to assist in normalizing the emotions and experiences of grief. Sharing your story and connecting with others who are experiencing similar emotions is an important part of the process. Although each person’s loss is different, speaking freely with others who understand what you are going through provides validation and healing.

Group Events